HEMP Campaign Continues – 27 March 2014

The Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party opened its WA Senate Campaign on Tuesday and has been attracting a great deal of media attention.






Help HEMP keep up the momentum by getting involved in the campaign. This can be as simple (yet vital) as talking to all your friends and neighbours about HEMP.

Or ring a talk-back station. Or turn up to one of the three forums that are being held during the next few days.

WA Senate Election Forum hosted by The West Australian, Channel 7, and AIM WA.

  • Saturday, 29 March , 12.30pm (for 1pm sharp) to 3pm
  • Australian Institute of Management WA Leadership Centre (Lower Building), 76 Birkdale Street, Floreat, WA

A public forum for candidates in the WA Senate Election. Ahead of the April 5 election, we are providing you the unique opportunity to hear directly from party candidates. Filmed by Channel 7 at AIM WA, the candidates will be questioned by Seven West Media, with a rare opportunity for participant involvement.



HEMP Activism & Police Wrangling Workshop & BBQ with James & Tayla Moylan

HEMP Activism is concerned with becoming an irresistible agent for social change. Police Wrangling is all about staying legally healthy as an individual and an activist. This THE essential workshop for anyone who smokes Cannabis or engages in activism. All HEMPsters involved in the unfolding election campaign are invited to attend.

As well as being a HEMP Party candidate for the WA Senate, James Moylan, your host for the workshop, is an activist lawyer, the HEMP Campaign Director, Administrator of the annual Nimbin MardiGrass Event, Secretary of the Nimbin HEMP Embassy and a long time proponent of Cannabis law reform.

{If angry words and foul language disturbs you then you might want to give this one a miss.}


2014 Getup! “Now That’s a Party” Forum.

  • Sunday, 30 March, 3.30pm for a 4pm *sharp* start – finishing by 5.30pm
  • Perth Town Hall

More and more Australians are sick of politics as usual and frustrated by the ‘quality’ of our public debate. So we’ve organised a candidates forum where you can hear directly from some of the biggest names in smaller parties together in Perth for one Sunday session only.


WA SENate Candidates Forum

  • Monday, 31 March, 5:30pm for a 6:00pm start – 7.30pm forum close
  • Perth Town Hall

‘SEN Presents’ is focusing on the importance of the imminent WA Senate Election

Sustainable Energy Now aims to show how a mix of renewable energy technologies, including solar, wind, wave, geothermal and biomass, could meet all electrical demand on WA’s main electricity grid, called the South West Interconnected System.

As part of SEN’s campaign for a renewable energy future, we have invited Senate Candidates to discuss their Energy Policies.

The event will give the Western Australian public the opportunity to ask questions of their Senate candidates.

Please spread this invitation out widely to all your friends and colleagues. http://www.sen.asn.au/


James Moylan



Will every activist, wherever you are, get together and discuss the upcoming WA Poll? We can use this opportunity to have Cannabis law reform discussed in local and mainstream media. At the main table we will mainly considering…

Industrial… (1)

The Final Report of the Inquiry into the Tasmanian Industrial Hemp Industry (see link below) contains a raft of considered proposals that are coached in a manner that makes it easy for conservative politicians to understand the need to move on this issue as quickly as possible. We are going to spend a fair bit of time highlighting the need for Aussie politicians to take notice of the this report and act on its recommendations. Our byline for the “industrial HEMP debate at this election will be: “We have to catch up with the rest of the world”.


Hemp seed as a foodstuff… (2)

The FSANZ (Food Standards, Australia, New Zealand) inquiry into hemp seed for human consumption, which is looking into altering the Food Standards regulations to allow for the integration of hemp seed foodstuffs into the Australian marketplace, has been undertaking an eighteen month investigation for the last five years. This June the main FSANZ group meets (once again) to consider this matter.


Every HEMP group in the country is invited to think about how we can highlight the stupidity of refusing to allow the for the cultivation and consumption of hemp seed for food in Australia. This is a big topic that is sooo easy for people to understand. Even silly and misguided people eat and understand some aspects of nutrition and the fostering of good health.

Medicine… (3)

The conservative forces in our land have always used the supposed requirement for far more research to be undertaken into cannabis as a medicine as a good ‘middle-ground’ – mainly as a stalling tactic: and so the result of most of the committees of inquiry into cannabis as a medicine that have been conducted in our land have concluded that we need to undertake a lot more research.

In this way the medicinal Cannabis debate has, time and again, stalled and then spluttered and then stalled once more. We get the momentum up for a committee of inquiry, it makes recommendations that research must be undertaken towards… And then nothing happens. Since, at the very least, everyone agrees that a great deal of research has to be done: why aren’t we undertaking the research?


HEMP on Alcohol.

Alcohol abuse costs 60 Aussie lives every week. This is a death toll which can be addressed and mitigated.

The HEMP Party believes that the money currently being used for criminal interdiction in the so-called ‘drug war’ should be immediately redeployed towards education and health care.

We advocate that the government should treat the current death toll caused by legal substances within our community with at least the same passion and indignity they seem to reserve for the much lesser toll inflicted by illegal substances.

Changes to alcohol taxation policies by moving towards a volumetric system would seem to be rational, however these matters need to be part of a holistic approach to the taxation of substances used as social intoxicants.

Further legal controls on alcohol advertising are also worth considering although the HEMP Party favours regulation rather than prohibition as a matter of general policy.

However where advertising has a direct or vicarious yet measurable effect upon a young audience we are open to the idea of a ban regarding this particular demographic.

HEMP might variously support:

  • Review labeling requirements for alcoholic products.
  • Consideration of the stocking of alcohol in or near supermarket premises and other generalised retail outlets.
  • Reassessing the powers currently provided to local councils regarding licensing provisions (additions, alterations, new national provisions).
  • Making public a running total of the number of alcohol fatalities for the year on a public scoreboard.
  • Removing the provision of alcohol rehabilitation services from the hands of proselytising charities and placing it in the hands of dedicated health professionals (and funding the same).
  • Ensuring that the proceeds of taxes and excises raised from tobacco and alcohol sales are earmarked and expended solely on substance abuse health services and public education.
  • Outlawing political lobby by pharmaceutical and alcohol industry representatives unless the meeting is joined by a public advocate who is (by legislative decree) free from any privacy restraint and is able to promptly publish observations in a publicly accessible manner.

Consideration of adopting a total care approach to practicing homeless alcoholics and providing them with a stipend and access to housing where they will not be evicted for further substance abuse.

As a society we have the option of either having alcoholics dying on our streets or living in subsidised quarters where their health can be monitored and where therapy is available. Currently the cost of the crisis assistance associated with these individuals adds up to more than it would cost to simply provide humane and rational support services.

A social policy regarding prevention, diagnosis and support for all those who have been suffering ongoing damage from the effects of any drug being currently abused within our society would seem to be a minimum starting point.

The HEMP Party seeks to raise the awareness of Australians regarding the responsible use of alcohol. We will be happy to provide your efforts with any support we can.


HEMP on Energy

HEMP is committed to assisting Aussies to be able to live a low impact and environmentally friendly lifestyle. We listen to the scientific community and are saddened by the reality that the planet is warming. We are horrified that our current leadership (on both sides of the aisle) seem intent on using the future of our planet as a political football.

HEMP is in favour of an emissions trading scheme which encompasses all commercial carbon polluters in our country. This carbon scheme must price carbon at a realistic level sufficient to encourage not only the diminution of carbon emissions but also the uptake of renewable energy sources.

HEMP considers the broad scale transmission of electricity using traditional electric grid technology to be an archaic and outmoded form of energy delivery. HEMP encourages local generation of energy using renewable and eco-friendly power generation technologies.

HEMP considers it the role of the government to act on behalf of the citizenry and the environment instead of on behalf of large energy generation and distribution companies. The Australian Government must provide tax relief for those who incorporate eco-friendly energy generation systems in their new or existing houses.

HEMP considers it an essential role of government to encourage and fund research and development into wave and tidal power, hot rock geothermal technologies, solar cell technologies, wind generation technologies, small scale hydro and water wheel technologies, and other eco-friendly and renewable energy generation methodologies and technologies.

HEMP considers that we must, as a society, encourage less energy intensive modes of manufacture and industrial development.  The government should reward those at the forefront of more efficient energy use with taxation relief.

HEMP encourage Aussies to withdraw from the current highly partisan and partial debate relating to reducing our carbon emissions and rather engage this topic with an open mind and following a careful consideration of the scientific evidence currently available.

James Moylan,
Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party.

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Nimbin Hemp Embassy Headlines – 25 March 2014

A bumper crop of headlines this week as the HEMP Campaign heads west for the WA Senate Election. Cannabis law reform voters come in many political colours and they support legalisation for many different reasons.


Spliff split: Why the HEMP Party and the Greens have fallen out

Senate poll in WA: Scott Ludlam’s hopes may go up in smoke

Legalisation of cannabis could be key issue in Western Australia Senate election

Independent MP Andrew Wilkie pushes for opening up of hemp food products

Nth NSW cops party in hotel room unaware they are being filmed

How the World’s Foremost Psychedelic Researchers Finally Got Some Weed to Study

Feds Finally Approve Research on the Therapeutic Value of the Whole Marijuana Plant

34 Medical Studies Proving Cannabis Cures Cancer

Three-Year Scientific Study: Working Memory Unaffected In Heavy Marijuana Users

No proof that high-dose cannabis is more addictive

As a Parent of a Child Using Medical Cannabis, I Do Not Support CBD-only Legislation

The CBD-only Stampede

Colorado is running out of weed and getting so rich doing it 

Coloradans Even Happier About Legal Weed After A Few Months Of Retail Sales

California legalization is coming, but what path will it take? 

Indiana Lawmakers Vote To Reclassify Hemp As An Agricultural Commodity

What Americans Spend on Illegal Drugs

Study: Drug Dogs Most Likely To Err In Traffic Stop Scenarios

Growing Demands for UN Drug Policy Reform

Swansea professor says legal regulation of the cannabis market has become irreversible

War in Reverse: Drugs, Consensus and Killing

The world’s most valuable cannabis business is growing in a sleepy corner of England

Canadian Federal Court grants injunction to allow patients to grow medical pot

Israel begins extensive medical marijuana study

Green Technology Spotlight: World’s First biodegradable, Carbon Capturing Winery!

Tales from a Former Undercover Narc

These ‘Bitcoins For Marijuana’ Try To Solve Legal Weed’s Big Heist Problem

Top 10 Cannabis Apps

Film Screening: Neurons to Nirvana – Melbourne

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Bitcoin Trading @ Bringabong

Chris was happy to find we had a Bitcoin Machine in the shop…

He promptly swapped .64 Bitcoin for this lovely Storz & Bickel Plenty Vaporizer.

Happy Camping Chris and Viva Bitcoin!

Bitcoin Chris


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Nimbin Hemp Embassy Headlines – 18 March 2014

Cannabis is one of the most benign herbs. Cannabis is safer than sugar, alcohol, tobacco and every pharmaceutical. So many lives could have been saved if they had legal access to the medicine made from the plant. Cannabis prohibition is genocide. People who support prohibition are complicit in a serious crime against the human race.

WA Senate poll: Palmer’s preference may help marijuana party into joint

Marijuana party has high hopes

How can we breed a better politician?

French and Australian naval ships seize cannabis resin

Drug policy innovators in NZ for global symposium

Astika Holdings to Expand Its Agriculture Acquisitions into the Industrial Hemp Sector

Farmers high on hemp as returns beat canola

Biggest American Hemp Company Readies for a Local Hemp Market

Colorado Couple To Open First Officially Approved Cannabis Café

Big turnout for first pot industry job fair; 15 large marijuana-related companies looking to hire

Pot Growers Are Snatching Up Warehouse Space in Denver

Colorado Appeals Court Says Marijuana Law Can Be Used to Challenge Convictions

No medical marijuana overhaul in Washington — will feds storm collectives?

A day in the life of a marijuana lobbyist

Global drug issues to be focus of high-level UN meeting in Vienna starting on 13 March

Mixed feelings remain on outcome of UN drug summit in Vienna

United Nations: Criminal Sanctions for Drug Use Are “Not Beneficial”

Russia has replaced America as the world’s drugs policeman 

The Rise and Decline of Cannabis Prohibition

Entourage Effect: How Cannabis Plant Works Better Than Isolated Cannabinoids

How Kids Are Bringing Medical Marijuana to the States

Study: Inhaled Cannabis Mitigates Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms

Doctors open offices to prescribe marijuana

HIV Cure: Medical Cannabis Or ‘Weed’ Explored To Help Stop HIV Infection Using THC Component

Marijuana study in veterans wins federal backing

The Benefits of Medical Cannabis

Medicated pizza? Pot-friendly pizzeria opens in Vancouver

Cannabis policy in the Netherlands: moving forwards not backwards

Major Swiss cities set to back ‘cannabis clubs’

The Future of Healthy Snacks? Hemp Crackers, Say Scientists

Even Sugar Is More Harmful Than Marijuana, Americans Say

The good seed: Hemp brownies can actually be a nutritious snack

This Dude Was Going to Be a Pro Golfer. Instead, He Lived in the Jungle for 12 Years

HEMP Party WA Campaign Launch

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Five homes targeted in drug raids

Police have arrested and charged two people following raids on five north coast properties on Tuesday.

About 9.30am, officers executed simultaneous search warrants at four properties in Casino and one at Leeville.

At the first Casino property, police allegedly found marijuana, ammunition and ‘items associated with the manufacture of prohibited drugs’.

At the Leeville property, police allegedly found a loaded rifle, ammunition, firearm silencers, prescription medication, amphetamines, marijuana and a hydroponic set-up.

A 37-year-old man was arrested and taken to Casino Police Station where he was charged with marijuana growing, drug manufacture and firearms offences.

He was refused bail and was due to appear in Lismore Local Court yesterday.

At a second Casino property, police allegedly seized marijuana, amphetamines and cash. They also claim to have found a ‘clandestine laboratory’.

A 42-year-old man was arrested and taken to Casino Police Station where he was charged with drug manufacture and possession charges.

He was granted conditional bail and is due to appear before Casino Local Court on 21 December 2012.

At a third Casino property, police seized cannabis. They established a crime scene and specialist officers were called to examine it.

About 3pm, police executed a search warrant at a fourth property in Casino, where they claim to have found ‘an amount of cannabis’.

The operation is continuing and further charges are expected to be laid.

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Local shops selling cigarettes to kids

Almost one in five licensed tobacco outlets on the north coast is selling cigarettes to minors, according to a new survey conducted by North Coast Public Health.

The figures show little improvement from 2009, when 22 per cent of the retailers were found to be selling tobacco products to under-18-year-olds. They buck what appeared to be an improving trend over the last two years (11 per cent in 2010 and 12 per cent in 2011).

Retailers caught red handed have been fined up to $750 by north coast local courts in recent months.

Since January this year, 84 tobacco retailers across the north coast of NSW were visited to check if they sold tobacco products to children. On 18 occasions the salesperson was seen to do so.

Greg Bell, north coast acting director public health, said asking customers for identification must be part of staff training.

‘It is deplorable that 19 per cent of tobacco retailers on the north coast were observed illegally selling cigarettes to children this year,’ Mr Bell said.

The maximum fine for selling cigarettes to a minor is $110,000 for a company. Salespeople can be fined up to $11,000 for a first offence and up to $55,000 for a repeat offence.

It is also illegal for people over 18 to buy cigarettes on behalf of a minor.

‘If you’re an adult you can be prosecuted and fined up to $2,200 for buying tobacco products for a young person,’ Greg Bell said.

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Young man dies needlessly

Sydney [AAP]

The senior police officer at the scene when Brazilian student Roberto Laudisio Curti died had failed to take control of the situation and was concerned about Taser use only because his officers might get zapped or tangled in wires, a Sydney inquest has been told.
Inspector Gregory Cooper told Glebe Coroners Court yesterday he lay across the 21-year-old’s back during the struggle on March 18 before telling his officers to turn off their Tasers.
Mr Curti, originally from Sao Paolo, died at the scene after several officers discharged their Tasers at him 14 times and used capsicum spray, handcuffs and batons to restrain him after a chase through Sydney’s CBD.
The court heard Insp Cooper had said: ‘Turn your Tasers off, turn cartridges off, turn Tasers off.’
‘We had him on the ground, he was handcuffed. All we were trying to do was control his behaviour,’ Insp Cooper, who held the rank of sergeant at the time, said.
‘With my 15 years of experience, would I have used a Taser in that circumstance? No.’
But under questioning by Murugan Thangaraj SC, representing some of the other officers involved, the inquest heard Insp Cooper told investigating officers the police at the scene ‘were doing all of the right things’.
As a result, Mr Thangaraj said Insp Cooper called for officers to turn off their Tasers only because he was concerned they would get accidentally ‘zapped’ or entangled by the wires.
‘They were the only two concerns you experienced about the Taser,’ Mr Thangaraj said.
‘That’s correct,’ Insp Cooper replied.
He agreed he made no mention about how Mr Curti was being brought under control in his 65-page police interview.
The inquest also heard Insp Cooper said, ‘no, no, he’s in handcuffs, he’s in handcuffs, don’t taser’, but he later admitted the taser part ‘may not have been said’.
Peter Hamill SC, representing Mr Curti’s family, said Insp Hamill’s evidence was ‘pretty much contrary to everyone else’.
The inquest heard Insp Cooper told investigating officers he believed Mr Curti had a knife and that while he was being capsicum sprayed, the young man ‘challenged’ officers by saying, ‘Spray me, spray me.’
‘No one else at the scene heard that,’ Mr Hamill said.
‘I can’t explain that,’ Insp Cooper replied.
Insp Cooper said he heard one drive-stun being applied to Mr Curti’s lower back, but he didn’t hear a Taser used after he issued the order.
He said he was ‘certainly not aware’ Mr Curti was ‘drive-stunned’ seven times, a practice where the Taser is applied directly to the body.
‘It’s something about which you ought to have been aware,’ counsel assisting the coroner, Jeremy Gormly SC, said.
‘No,’ Insp Cooper replied.
‘You certainly ought to have stopped it,’ Mr Gormly said, adding, ‘On the night Mr Curti engaged with police, during the course of the arrest, you failed to take appropriate command of the situation and control the junior officers beneath you.’
‘I suggest to you in addition, whatever the volume of the use of (capsicum) spray and Taser, that you failed to take sufficient action to stop or minimise the use of either of these appointments during the course of the arrest of Mr Curti.’
Insp Cooper denied this.
The inquest continues before NSW State Coroner Mary Jerram.

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Cannabis eases sclerosis stiffness

Cannabis eases sclerosis stiffness

Paris [AFP]

Use of cannabis extract helps ease painful muscle stiffness among patients with multiple sclerosis (MS), according to a large trial published yesterday in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry.The ‘Phase III’ test, the final stage in a process to vet a new drug or medical process, took place among 22 centres in Britain.Over 12 weeks, 144 patients were given daily tablets of tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the active ingredient in cannabis, and 135 were given a dummy pill, also called a placebo.Doses were gradually escalated, from 2.5 milligrams to a maximum of 25 mg for two weeks, following top-up doses for the remaining two weeks.

At the end of the study, 29.4 per cent of people in the cannabis group said they had experienced relief from muscle spasms, compared to 15.7 per cent in the placebo group, according to an 11-point rating.They also reported improvement in sleep quality. Side effects were nervous system disorders and gut problems, but none was severe.

MS, a disease that affects the brain and spinal cord, occurs when the immune system attacks the fatty myelin sheaths that insulate nerve cells.Painful stiffness in the muscles occurs among up to 90 per cent of patients at some time, often leading to poor sleep and impaired mobility.

The trial, led by John Peter Zajicek of Britain’s Clinical Neurology Research Group, says standardised doses of cannabis extract can be useful in easing pain and spasms in this disease.Previous Phase III trials on cannabis and MS have thrown up conflicting results, partly because of the scale by which users report any change in their symptoms, the MUSEC researchers said.

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Mullaways tincture tests clean and clear

Boom Times Predicted For Rural NSW
2012 October 6
Zero Tolerance of Pain and Suffering

Mullaways Medical Cannabis Pty Ltd has sent a new submission to NSW Health for a License authorising it to possess Cannabis for the purposes of research, instruction, analysis and study pursuant to the Drugs Misuse Act 1985 (NSW).
Mullaways Medical Cannabis Pty Ltd requires authorisation to continue to evaluate its first traditional medicine, Mullaways Tincture of Cannabis (MULLAWAYS TINCTURE) for its quality, safety and efficacy pursuant to provisions of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 (Cth) (Therapeutic Goods Act).
Testing of MULLAWAYS TINCTURE has now been completed by both NSW Health and NSW Police and No Prohibited Substances were detected.
Tony Bower the Director of Mullaways Medical Cannabis Pty Ltd said “What you will see now is Boom Times for rural NSW as the means of production are returned to farmers.  The Export Market for Medical Cannabis products is huge.  The legal non-psychotropic MULLAWAYS Tincture will be able to be sold throughout the world.”
Mullaways have again contacted representatives from WILEY & CO PTY LTD concerning the construction of the manufacturing plant.  We went to Wiley’s originally because they are a company known for getting operations, like our 1mt/week Cannabis Processing Plant to be built in Kempsey, past TGA first time every time.  Mullaways Medical Cannabis Pty Ltd has also been in contact with a company which specialises in exporting these types of products.
Research from surveys of people using the MULLAWAYS Tincture, with their Doctors supervision, showed a reduction in the use of other medications while using the MULLAWAYS Tincture.  For NSW Health this means a reduction in costs to the Health Budget.
I say to the O’Farrell Government “Selling off the run down Power Poles and Wires of NSW will not fix this State’s problems”.
The NSW Government doesn’t create any of the wealth of this State.  It is the companies/workers of NSW which create this wealth.  It is the taxes of companies and workers which produce the wealth/debt governments get to distribute or withhold.
This legal non-psychotropic Cannabis Tincture will create a whole new industry in NSW.  We look forward to working with the O’Farrell Government and the people of NSW to improve the health and wealth of our State.
For more information go to the Mullaways website at;
Tony Bower, Director
Mullaways Medical Cannabis Pty Ltd

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